Crazy Life

Things sometimes get little crazy in life when things don’t go as we plan, you wonder!!

I think about how crazy life can be and remember back to different times in my own life when things have gone crazy.  It has been these challenges that have brought me to the place I am right now.

You see, there are things we have to go through that are not so easy. Yet when we look at how God has used these things it is these things that make us into the adults we are, and I am amazed. So often we stress and struggle with things in life.

We many times think we have it all figured out and we have this picture in our mind of how things should be and how God should do it. But we don’t give it a thought about these tough times making us grow the most? It is the challenges that force us to grow. It is the uncomfortable situations that force us to try things that we would not.

I mean let’s face it – we LIKE to be comfortable! So when you ask the Lord to use you for His Kingdom, the first thing He will do is make things uncomfortable. If this is happening to you right now, I want to give you a little bit of hope. God has the ability to use these things to make you rise up!

The tough situations in your life are like weights that a body builder uses to grow his muscles. After bench pressing one weight after another, before you know it, he is buff and bulging with muscles everywhere.

Well, if you can take that graphic image and translate it to your spiritual life, you will get what I am talking about. God is trying to make you “spiritually buff” so to speak. So do yourself a favor and look at the pressures and tough situations you are facing in your life right now.

Instead of complaining and fighting against them, how about you use them to make you stronger?

Stand in faith more.

Confess the Word more.

Seek God more.

Do more spiritual warfare.

The key here is to use your spiritual resources against these circumstances. No body builder ever became strong bench pressing daisies! In the same way, you will not become spiritually strong trying to use your natural strengths to overcome. Nope, take a good weight of faith and spiritual warfare and let the workout begin!

Before you know it, your spiritual muscles will also be bulging and you will only need to speak to that mountain and it will be cast into the sea. There really is an easy way of overcoming pressures… just as long as you do it God’s way.

As for me and my family, we continue to embrace our pressures and all that God has called us to do. The best part is that we are not alone. We have our team and YOU along this journey with us. I thank God for every pressure we face. I thank God for all the trials that come our way.

It is these very situations that have made us into what we are. In the same way, it is the changes in your circumstances and the pressure that will establish you as well.

In His Love,

Bill Wadley


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