RC Factor

RC stands for “Resistance to Change.” This is not something new to human society. Consider poor Moses who spent all those years with the children of Israel, only to see that entire generation die in the desert. Even Jesus faced this same conflict with his own disciples. Even after He had risen from the dead, His disciples still asked, “Lord now will you restore the Kingdom to Israel?” They just could not get the concept that His salvation reached beyond reclaiming the throne.

So I have both some good news and some bad news for you.

The Bad News.

You will fight the RC factor in people for as long as you live.

The Good News

Jesus is not dead! Even though it seems that people just will not see the truth, the Holy Spirit is alive and well and capable of bringing change.

So what is your job in all of this? Your responsibility is to press on with the calling that you have and to not give up. Do not allow others to de-motivate you or tell you that “it cannot be done.” If the Lord has given you a vision for ministry, hang on tight. Who would have thought that the most qualified Pharisee would end up being sent to the gentiles, as Apostle Paul was? He came with some crazy ideas, but here you find a man that could truly let go of the RC factor!

As you continue to invest into people and continue to sow in the spirit, change will come. Not only because you press on with what God has given you, but because you have the Holy Spirit at your side, helping you all of the way. You are not alone in your calling. The Holy Spirit will soften hearts and open doors on your behalf. Your job is to press on towards the promised land and to hold onto the hope of glory!

Testing your RC Factor levels

This week, consider the goals and visions you have for ministry afresh. Allow the fire in you to burn again. Then perhaps take a good look at yourself, do YOU have the RC Factor? Could it be that the Lord has been trying to lead you into some new directions that you are afraid of going?

I cannot tell you how many times the Lord has tested us on our RC factor. Sometimes it can be so humbling. When we started out, we preached fervently against the use of titles. Until one day, the Lord told us to use titles to let people know who we were. What a death that was and how humiliating! Then there was the time when we boasted as a ministry on never having to make financial appeals. We worked hard for our money and we liked it that way. That was until we faced a crisis situation and suddenly had to live on donations. Again…so humbling. There goes your pride, your ideals and…you RC Factor.

You know, sometimes I think the Lord does things like that just to test our RC Factor level from time to time. At the end of the day, you come to realize that no matter what your own convictions and visions are, that the Lord should be in control of every step you take. If you can relate to what I am sharing, then get used to it. Welcome to the Ministry Calling!

So how high is your RC? As you deal with this in yourself, it will automatically spill over to those around you and bring change. So check out your RC factor this week and get ready to take some new turns in your Ministry walk!

The RC Factor
by: C.T.


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