Riding The Storm

As a ship tossed about in the ocean, so also do you often feel tossed about by circumstances. However, do you not realize that it is these very waves that contain the power to take the boat to its destination?

It is the strong winds that will catch the sails and transport it and although it is not comfortable, it has the potential for power. Yet you complain about the winds and the discomfort. My child, it is these very circumstances that hold the power to take you to your destination.

You are so focused on the discomfort, that you are not harnessing the power of these situations. Instead of fighting against them, learn to ride them! Learn to ride the waves and the situations that challenge you. Learn to use my power like sails to catch the winds of life that will carry you. When you use the circumstances in your life to challenge you and carry you, you will learn to rise above them.

Then when you do this, you will turn to see that I am the very one at the helm of your ship. I am here steering you and I will even at times steer you into the wind so that my sails can catch it. So stop fighting child! Stop struggling and yield. Then pick up my power and face these situations. Learn to use these travails. Learn to use your faith in these circumstances and instead of avoiding the storms, you will learn to travel through them.

Then when you get through to the other side, you will see that you have gone further than you could have imagined. You will see that you have covered ground that you could not have in calm seas. So embrace the heavy winds now. Embrace these storms and then you will surely ride high, says the Lord. Amen.


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